CLA's approach is to work closely with the client to help make their dream home a reality.

Most clients have an idea of how they wish to improve or update their home. CLA understands that we all have different ways of living, working and socialising. CLA will listen to the client's needs and ideas, providing alternative ideas and schemes where appropriate in order to help create the home that they have always wanted!

  1. Meet and Greet

    CLA will hold an initial meet and greet session at a potential client's home to briefly discuss their needs. During these early discussions CLA will look over the property in order to spot any obvious constraints that may need to be allowed for when forming our designs. CLA will then prepare a fee proposal for the project based on the requirements of the client.

  2. Survey

    If the client is happy with the fee proposal provided, the next step would be to carry out a full measured survey of the existing property in order to form a base for the new designs. A measured survey usually takes between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the property.

  3. Design

    Together with the survey of the existing property and the ideas that have been discussed, CLA will now prepare new design proposals for the client to approve. This process can be as short or long as necessary. This stage is all about formulating a design that the client is completely happy with and that they would be excited to live in!

  4. Planning or Lawful Development

    Depending on the scale, design and location of the proposed development, CLA will discuss submitting either a Lawful Development or Planning Application on behalf of the client. There are a great number of factors involved in determining whether any new construction falls within Lawful Development or Planning requirements, however CLA will discuss the processes involved with either option. To help you understand the process further please see the attached links below...

  5. Submitting the application

    Once we have discussed which option your proposals fall under, CLA will make the relevant applications on behalf of the client to the Local Authority in which your property resides. This process usually takes between 8 – 10 weeks from point of submission to determination date. During this period, I usually advise clients to circulate the planning drawings to a number of Building Contractors in order to obtain a price for carrying out the works to completion. Although at this stage the drawings are not detailed enough to carry out the works, they will be of sufficient detail that a Building Contractor will be able to provide an indicative quote.

  6. Building Regulations

    Once we have received the necessary approvals from the local authority, CLA will prepare detailed Building Regulation and Construction Stage drawings ready for submission to Building Control. Any building project requires the approval of the Building Control Officer. These applications can either be submitted to the Local Authority (3C’s) or a private building consultancy. In this instance I use RHBC Ltd who are based in Waterbeach. Again, CLA will submit this application on behalf of the client which will include the detailed drawings prepared by CLA and any additional information that may be required, for example Calculations provided by a Structural Engineer. For more information on Building Control see the links below…

  7. Construction

    Once the Building Regulations Application has been submitted and you have appointed your chosen Building Contractor works can begin on site. Together with drawings provided by CLA and any relevant Structural Engineers details, the contractor should have everything they need in order to carry out the works to completion. Even though this is usually the point of the project where CLA is no longer needed, we are always available to discuss any aspect of the project with either the client or the contractor as and when necessary.

    If you require any additional information on the points listed above please do not hesitate to contact CLA.